cheap moncler uk How to locate a burnt out coil in a VW

How to locate a burnt out coil in a VW

Most times a coil blows or burns out it comes with little to no warning, so as I stated in my Spark Plug Tutorial it is best to always have a spare coil available in your car. I recommend that for the fact that it is a lot easier and cheaper to switch one out than it is to call a tow truck or leave your car on the side of the road if the dealership is closed for the night.When a coil goes out you will feel an instant change in your cars power and acceleration. At that point it is best to park it in the nearest parking lot. Do not continue to drive around or you will cause a lot more damage to your car. Sometimes before coils go bad you will smell a horrid rotten egg smell. So no it’s not your fart friendly buddy it’s your car giving you a heads up that the sht’s about to hit the fan. If your car chokes up and gets worse than you know that that coil is good so plug it back in. Follow that method down the coils until you get to the one that has no effect when you unplug it and you just found your burnt out coil. Yes it’s that easy!If the check engine light is still illuminated in your dash you can turn it off by disconnecting the negative battery terminal for a few seconds. Also if it turns out to be the coil under the vacuum box you will need a 10mm socket and 5mm allen wrench. For more detail on removing the vac box please see my spark plug tutorial.More Vw/Audi How To’s and DIY’sHow to change Spark Plugs and Coils VW and Audi 1.8TChanging the fuel filter VW/AudiSave Money Doing Your Own Car RepairsHow To Clean a Throttle Body DIYReplacing the Intake Manifold Gasket 1.8THow to Clean or Replace MAF SensorInstalling a Boost Gauge 1.8t MK4Replacing the Climate Control Light Bulb MKIVHow to Fix Broken Rear Seat Release LatchInner Tie Rod DIY WV/Audi MKIV A4Temperature Sensor DIY VW/Audi MKIVReplacing a broken wire harness clip Jetta gti Audi DIYShort Shifter DIYHow to Remove Decals From Sun VisorSave Money Doing Your Own Car RepairsFrom work acquaintances too Uncle Bill at last weeks family reunion somebody is always griping and grumbling about how the check engine light just won’t leave them alone. Last month it was 200 dollars for this, the.99Do It Yourself Auto RepairHow To Clean or Replace a MAF Sensor for VW or Audi DIYDIY for Jetta, golf, gti, passat, new beetle, A4 on cleaning or replacing the MAF (mass air flow sensor) Included are step by step pictures, part numbers and tools required for the job. VW specialty tool. Clean out your throttle body as well, but more than likely it’s a vacuum leak or torn hose.On this 1.8t gti I just got the acceleration was horrible, I’ve found vacuum leaks on the intake manifold gasket, turbo inlet pipe, cam chain tensioner gasket and seal, old worn out braided hoses, one of the pcv breather hoses is cracked. After fixing all of it but the pcv hose so far it is a drastic improvement. So before throwing more money at expensive parts I would start by checking for leaking or worn out hoses.Replace the fuel filter and run some seafoam or other fuel injector cleaner through your gas tank just for good measure to make sure nothings clogged up. You can get a fuel filter for around $15 and some fuel injector cleaner for 5 10 at the auto store.

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